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About Us/Our Mission

North Star RV Inspections, LLC performs RV inspections for new and used RVs for buyers and sellers. In addition, we also provide RV maintenance and some RV repair work. Located in Moorhead, Minnesota, we serve the local Fargo/Moorhead area as well as the states of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

My name is Wade Johnson and I am an NRVIA Certified Level 2 RV Inspector and an NRVTA Registered RV Technician. In addition, I have been employed as a licensed Master Electrician for 30 years. I have been enjoying the whole camping/RV experience for over 30 years,  I love everything about RVs and camping and became a Certified level 2 RV inspector to help others avoid the problems I have had in the past with my own RVs. Our mission is to help you make your RV dreams come true by providing you with a thorough and unbiased RV inspection of your RV’s performance, condition, and overall livability.

When you are considering purchasing a new or used RV, you are likely about to make one of the most expensive purchases that you will ever make. Now you can get a detailed report of that RV's condition before you sign the final paperwork and hand over your hard earned money. Our inspection reports are fair, impartial and professional.

Having an independent unbiased 3rd party inspection performed on your future RV investment will save you time and money. 

NRVIA Certified RV Inspector


  • NRVIA Certified RV Inspector #3074
  • NRVTA Registered RV Technician
  • Licensed Master Electrician Minnesota #AM007508 and North Dakota #M2290
  • Liability Insured

Inspections and More For All Types of RVs

Comprehensive Inspections

North Star RV Inspections LLC performs a complete diagnosis of your RV. Life safety items, major systems function, possible water intrusion, and more are included in our comprehensive inspection report.

We follow the NRVIA Standards of Practice and take note of every component in the RV down to the smallest of details. There are 50 to 265+ points of inspection, depending on the type of unit and the level of inspection you choose.

Click the button below to see our Points of Inspection for both motorized and towable.

Why Should You Get an RV Inspection?

People would never buy a house without an inspection; you want to find out if there is anything wrong with the house and items that may need to be repaired. This is the same reason why it is beneficial to have an RV inspection.

RVs go through all sorts of conditions from strong winds to extreme temperatures. Getting an RV inspection will help to discover how the RV operates and the overall condition of the RV before you purchase it.

More often than not, the money spent on a 3rd party inspection is returned to you by the time you put your signature on the dotted line. The least you will get is a wealth of information on your used or new RV that you can use over the life of your ownership.

Get your next RV INSPECTED!
-Make an informed decision.
-Save yourself headaches.
-Negotiate before you buy.
-Save time and money.

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NRVIA certified inspectors offer the most comprehensive RV inspection available. Inspection reports will be from 50 to 200 pages with 120+ photos and videos. RV inspection reports will include Life Safety issues, Major issues, Minor issues, Comments and information useful throughout the life of the RV.  

The Importance of an RV Inspection


Sample RV Inspection Report

We use Homegauge software with templates developed by the NRVIA to insure nothing is missed during the RV inspection process.  The name and location in the sample report have been changed for public viewing. 

The RV inspection reports are interactive.

Clicking on photo will enlarge the image.

Click on video image to play video.

360 degree photos allows you to view the RV as if you are there in person.

Click on photos below to view sample inspection reports for towable or motorized RV.

Create Easier Repair Lists with Create Request List™

HomeGauge's new Create Request List™ feature makes it easy for the buyer and sellers to create a Request List from the RV inspection report.

HomeGauge’s Create Request List will give you easy online access to every photo and video we take during your RV inspection. You will be able to create a list of necessary repairs with a few simple clicks!

Click video below to watch demo of how it works.

My RV Resource HomeGauge Setup

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