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North Star RV Inspections, LLC has 30 years of RV ownership and operation experience. We perform independent third-party unbiased RV inspections for new and used RVs for buyers and sellers. In addition, we also provide RV maintenance and some RV repair work. Located in Moorhead, Minnesota, we serve the local Fargo/Moorhead area as well as the states of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.NRVIA Certified RV Inspector for RV Sales

My name is Wade Johnson and I am an NRVIA Certified RV Inspector and an NRVTA Registered RV Technician. In addition, I have been self employed as a licensed Master Electrician for 30 years. I have been enjoying the whole camping/RV experience for over 30 years,  I love everything about RVs and camping and became a Certified RV inspector to help others avoid the problems I have had in the past with my own RVs. Our mission is to help you make your RV dreams come true by providing you with a thorough and unbiased RV inspection of your RV’s performance, condition, and overall livability.

When you are considering purchasing a new or used RV, you are likely about to make one of the most expensive purchases that you will ever make. Now you can get a detailed report of that RV's condition before you sign the final paperwork and hand over your hard earned money. Our inspection reports are fair, impartial and professional.

Having an independent unbiased 3rd party RV inspection performed on your future RV investment will save you time and money!

Certifications and Licenses

  • NRVIA Certified RV Inspector #3074
  • NRVTA Registered RV Technician
  • Aqua-Hot Certified
  • Licensed Master Electrician Minnesota #AM007508 and North Dakota #M2290
  • Liability Insured

We Perform Inspections and More For All Types of RVs

Gallery of Just a Few of Our Past Inspections

Every Premier Inspection comes with 360 Degree Photos that allows you to view the RV as if you are there in person!

Comprehensive Professional RV Inspection

North Star RV Inspections LLC performs a complete diagnosis of your RV. Life safety items, major systems function, possible water intrusion, and more are included in our comprehensive inspection report.

We follow the NRVIA Standards of Practice and take note of every component in the RV down to the smallest of details. There are 50 to 265+ points of inspection, depending on the type of unit and the level of inspection you choose. Inside each point of inspection there can be up to 10 items we are looking at and inspecting.

Compare our inspection total to any others and you will see the difference. Our inspections are not the run-of-the-mill basic PDIs or small 2-hour inspections. Our inspection report can be 200+ pages long and are professional, in depth and give you the information you need to make an informed RV-buying decision.

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Used Class A Diesel Pusher RV Inspection Totals
Used Travel Trailer RV Inspection Totals

3 Reasons To Get An RV Inspection

Why Should You Get an RV Inspection by a Certified RV Inspector? Reason #1

RV Inspector is trained in all the systems of an RV.

The RV inspector who has gone through the NRVIA training  at the National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) is trained in all systems of an RV. In addition to completing this training, my credentials also include 30+ years being a Master Electrician and owning and maintaining several RVs.

Anything you can think of is inspected by the RV inspector. Will the RV inspector look at the roof? Yes. Will the RV inspector look at the furnace? Yes. Will the RV inspector look at the plumbing? Yes. Will the RV inspector look at the electrical system? Yes. Will the RV inspector check for propane leaks? Yes. Will the RV inspector look for water damage? Yes. Will the RV inspector look at the tires? Yes. Very important items, right? But, it doesn’t end with the major things you’d assume an RV inspector should examine. Will the RV inspector look at other things such as appliances, furniture, vents, flooring, and the awning? Yes. The RV inspector will look at the lights, ladder, undercarriage, doors, steps, slide-outs, exterior paint, battery, and every other component of the RV. A trained RV inspector is trained to look at all systems plus the inspection will include what some people call cosmetic issues like a scratch on the RV’s table.

The Certified NRVIA RV inspector uses a special software program and if he or she is a conscientious RV inspector, he or she will not miss anything because the software helps the RV inspector to be very detail oriented as he or she inspects the RV. North Star RV Inspections, LLC will include the following in your report:

  1. Life Safety Issues - operating could cause accident or harm.
  2. Major Issues - impacts the longevity of the RV; needs immediate attention and may be a costly repair.
  3. Minor Issues - is not a safety hazard; could be repaired later.
  4. Comments - could be things like upgrades made by seller/owner.
  5. Recommendations – tips to help you enjoy your RV even more.

People would never buy a house without an inspection; you want to find out if there is anything wrong with the house and items that may need to be repaired. This is the same reason why it is beneficial to have an RV inspection.

RVs go through all sorts of conditions from strong winds to extreme temperatures. Getting an RV inspection will help to discover how the RV operates and the overall condition of the RV before you purchase it.

More often than not, the money spent on a 3rd party inspection is returned to you by the time you put your signature on the dotted line. The least you will get is a wealth of information on your used or new RV that you can use over the life of your ownership.

Get your next RV INSPECTED!
-Make an informed decision.
-Save yourself headaches.
-Negotiate before you buy.
-Save time and money.

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NRVIA certified RV inspectors offer the most comprehensive RV inspection available.

Why Should You Get an RV Inspection by a Certified RV inspector? Reason #2

You don’t want to buy a money pit.

The RV-buying experience can be very enjoyable, or it can be frustrating. No matter what your experience has been in the past or will be in the future, your goal should be to avoid purchasing a money pit.

What does that mean? I am referring to when a person buys an RV and afterwards they have to continue to put money into repairs.  It is easy to spend money quickly. 

For example, you skip the RV inspection because you don’t want to spend money on it. You get the RV home and you realize the awning doesn’t work so you spend $3,000 to get a new awning and get it installed. Next you notice the refrigerator isn’t working quite right. You spend money to get the problem diagnosed, and then you end up paying for a new refrigerator and the installation for $2,000. Next you realize the tires need to be replaced so you take care of this safety issue by spending $800 on new tires.  As illustrated above, the RV becomes a money pit. You just keep replacing and fixing things.

If you would have had an RV inspector complete an RV inspection, these problems plus probably other things, could have been fixed before you buy the RV. The seller could reduce the price or offer to help to get the repairs done before you pay for the RV and take it home.

If the seller is reluctant to let you hire a third-party RV inspector to inspect the RV, you should, sadly, ask yourself “why not?”. If the seller is ready to sell the RV to you but then refuse to wait for you to get the RV inspection lined up, or will not cooperate to place the RV in a position where it can be inspected, hooking up to water and electricity, then you should ask yourself “why not?” What is the real issue with making it difficult for you, the buyer, to have the RV inspection done by the RV inspector? These are not pleasant questions to think about but in the long run may help you to avoid buying an RV that is unreliable and/or causes you to spend money on repairs.  

Why Should You Get an RV Inspection by a Certified RV inspector? Reason #3

RV inspector is working on your behalf.

The NRVIA Certified RV inspector is working on your behalf. The RV inspector is trained to find the good and the bad in every RV that is inspected. The RV inspector is not only trying to find the issues, they will also see what is great about the RV.

The report provided after the inspection will be useful to you for years to come. There is a huge amount of information in the report and it is broken down into a format that is easy to read and understand. The RV inspector wants you to be able to reference the report and understand the findings.

When the BUYER hires the RV inspector, he or she is working for you, not the seller. The RV inspector possibly will find problems that are big and small. On new RVs, the RV inspector will check things and will find, for example, if  a water line has not been hooked up. Perhaps the water line or a water filter will be there, but maybe the manufacturer did not hook it up. Sounds like a small thing, right? It is not a small thing when you take the RV out the first time and water pours out all over the floor.

How many people crawl under the RV before they purchase it? The RV inspector will roll under the RV and look for rust and other problems. If you are brave enough and the seller allows you to go up on the roof, do you really know what to look for? The RV inspector will do this for you. Again, the RV inspector is working for YOU.

If you have done your research and really looked into the RV inspector’s profile, you should be able to tell if this is a good person to hire. The RV inspector should want to help you. If the RV inspector tells you the inspection will only take a couple hours, you should see this as a red flag. At North Star RV Inspections, LLC our goal is to help you, the buyer, to make an informed decision when purchasing an RV. Our inspections take 8-10 hours because we are carefully and thoroughly examining all aspects of the RV. From the life safety issues such as carbon monoxide and LP detectors, tires, propane leaks, water damage, a hole in the roof, all the way down to smaller items such as a loose door on a cabinet. We will examine every aspect of the RV. The RV inspector wants to help the buyer.  An RV inspection will help you to be satisfied with your purchase and allow you to safely hit the road! The RV inspector’s job is to help you!

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