Choosing the Right RV Inspector

As you search for an RV inspector, there are many helpful questions to ask the potential inspector. Here is a list of questions to help you hire the right person.

NRVIA Inspectors Association
  1. Is the person listed on the National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association (NRVIA) locator? This assures that the inspector attended classes at the NRVIA and is also keeping up on required continuing education.
  2. Is this person’s profile filled out on the NRVIA locator?
  3. Does the person have a website?
  4. Can you find a photo of this person? In other words, are they real?
  5. Can you call the inspector? Does the person respond to texts and e-mails?
  6. Assuming the inspector has a website, do they display a sample inspection report you can look at?
  7. Can you find anything about this person’s background? If not, ask them: why are you qualified to inspect RVs? This will help you determine if they are just doing inspections to make money, or do they enjoy camping or did they use an RV to live in as they worked or traveled (which also helps a person to be an efficient inspector).
  8. Is the person familiar with camping and the RV industry?
  9. Does the person own an RV? If yes, what do they own? Can they describe any experiences they have had when buying an RV?

A good RV inspector is looking out for the client and should not have a financial interest in the purchase whatsoever (in other words, the inspector is not looking to buy the RV, sell the RV, make money off the sale, etc.)

Anyone can do a job, but do they actually care about you and the quality of their work?

No matter how you stack it, you should hire an RV inspector you can trust!