When to Hire an RV Inspector

You should hire an RV inspector when:

  1. Buying a new or used RV (simple answer!).
  2. AFTER you have found an RV that you are considering purchasing, and BEFORE you sign on the dotted line (read the agreement!).
  3. You have a purchase order that states the purchase is contingent upon an inspection (yes, this can be part of your purchase order!).
  4. You missed the opportunity to have an inspection when you purchased the RV; it is helpful to have an RV inspection done before your one-year warranty is expired.

NOTE: Contact the RV inspector as soon as you find an RV. Do not wait until the day you plan to sign the purchase agreement. Plan ahead so there is time to complete the inspection.


Some excuses for skipping the RV inspection include:

“But I want to use it next weekend!”. Be careful, don’t let your emotions dictate a purchase you will regret. Not trying to use scare tactics, but we had this mentality when purchasing one of our RVs many years ago and the leaky roof was not a fun problem. Our goal is to help you avoid the headaches we have experienced!

“The dealer said that an inspection is not needed”. Once you leave the dealership, the RV is not their concern. The RV dealership is in business to sell RVs, it is not their fault that the manufacturer perhaps had a few (or often many) hiccups as they built the RV.

“The private seller says everything works”. Get the inspection done regardless of what the seller claims. The inspection will help you make an informed decision and also could help you negotiate a fair price if the inspection reveals you will need to make repairs after taking ownership.

You, the buyer, need to watch out for yourself when purchasing an RV. An inspection can help to find both easy and difficult repairs that should be performed before using the RV. If you can find the problems before you buy, you can get things fixed and be ready to hit the road with confidence.

Live each day like it is your last day.

No one wants to get to the campground and find their pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream melted. What? The freezer doesn’t work? Oh great, that means the whole refrigerator is not working!  No one told us that! We should have had an inspection! Camping/living in your RV might just help you discover what it means to enjoy even the small pleasures in life, like savoring that pint of special ice cream. Make every day count.