RV Inspection Process

Taking Steps to Ensure Every Component is Checked

North Star RV Inspections LLC employs a comprehensive RV inspection process to make sure that clients get a clear picture of their RV's condition.RV Inspector

We use HomeGauge software program that was developed for the NRVIA to perform a complete RV inspection similar to a home inspection.

You will be sent a full comprehensive RV inspection report that will be 50-200 pages with 15-120+ photos, 360 degree photos of interior and chassis and videos of some moving components. The RV inspection report is viewable on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

I will inspect every component of the RV from exterior parts to interior amenities and identify issues and potential problem areas so they could be serviced or repaired before the sale.

Inspection Service Levels

We offer two main levels of inspection to fit your needs.

1-A Life Safety/Season Start-up inspection is available. (Existing Owner Inspection)

2-Premier Inspection is our most thorough, front to back, top to bottom inspection and is the most requested.

Premier Towable RV and Motorized RV

  • 265+ Points of Inspection
  • Over 200+ Pictures
  • Videos of Moving Components
  • 360 Degree Photos of Interior and Chassis (allows you to view RV as if you are actually there)

Life Safety/Season Start-up/Insurance Towable RV and Motorized RV

  • 46+ Points of Inspection
  • Over 80+ Pictures
  • Videos of Moving Components
  • 360 Degree Photos Upon Request

RV Inspection Scheduling

Once you have located an RV and wish to obtain an RV inspection, Please fill out the Get A Quote form HERE. The inspection price quote will be emailed back to you ASAP, usually the same day. We will then call you to confirm you got the quote and to discuss the terms of the inspection and which level of inspection you desire (Life Safety/Season Start-up or Premier).

When date and location has been confirmed you will receive an email from us through HomeGauge detailing the inspection and links to sign the agreements.

On the day of the inspection, the inspector will arrive at the predetermined time and begin the inspection. The inspection can take 4-10+ hours, depending on the RV and level of inspection requested.

Once the inspection is complete, you can expect your report in a html format through HomeGauge within 24 hours of completion of the inspection.

If fluid analysis samples have been performed, it can take 3 to 7 days for those results to return from the lab. Fluid analysis will not delay the completion of your inspection report. If the fluid analysis report is back from the lab when the RV inspection report is complete, it will be attached to report. If fluid analysis report is not back from lab when RV inspection report is complete, it will be emailed separately.

An invoice will also be included along with the agreements email and can be paid by check, cash or PayPal. All fees are due before the day of inspection.

The Day Before Inspection

A full inspection requires the RV to be hooked to city water, sewer, electricity and have at least 1/4 tank of water in the onboard water tank.

1. Electricity is a must and needs to be either  30 amp or 50 amp. 12 volt DC house batteries need to be installed and hooked up.

2. A city water connection and water hose must be available to inspect the condition of city water inlet and fresh water tank plumbing. If no city water connection is available the fresh water tank needs to be at least 1/2 full for plumbing test.

3. RV sewer connection allows the RV inspector to test black and gray waste tanks and waste water valves.

4. RV absorption refridgerator (if present) needs to be turned on 12 hours before the start of inspection to get an accurate fridge and freezer temperature. RVs with residential refridgerators need to be turned on the morning of inspection.

5. RV propane tanks need to be at least 1/2 full for accurate evaluation and testing. A propane leak test will be performed at the cooktop burner port or outdoor grill port if available. Some newer RVs have sealed cooktops and restrict access to that connection. If that is the case and no exterior grill port is available, no leak test will be performed and will be noted on inspection report.

Any systems that are not available and not hooked up on the day of inspection will be marked as not inspected on the inspection report.

NRVIA Certified Inspector

Inspection Day

All valuables must be removed from the RV and all compartments cleared out so they can be fully inspected. North Star RV Inspections does not move any personal items or belongings to do inspections. The RV needs to be parked in a place that allows all slideouts and awnings to be fully extended and retracted in order to properly inspect them.

A Life Safety/Season Start-up Inspection takes 4 to 5 hours and a Premier Inspection can take 8 to 10+ hours depending on the RV. The inspection report will be delivered to you within 24 hours.

On the day the inspection has been completed, the inspector will contact you (if desired) and give you a short debriefing of the inspection.

Once you have received the inspection report and you have had time to review it, I will be available to meet with you in person or over the phone to go over the RV inspection report at your convenience.

North Star RV Inspections is working on your behalf and is here to help you!

Get the RV Connected

The RV inspector will not drive a motorized RV of any kind due to insurance restictions.

An Inspection Requirements pdf will be sent along with the price quote email. If the required connections are not available at the desired inspection location for some reason, consider taking the RV to a local campground with full hook-ups for a couple of days to have access to the all utilities for the RV inspection. 

North Star RV Inspections, LLC does not provide any hoses, cords or adapters to connect the RV.

If you have any questions about our service or any other concerns, reach out to North Star RV Inspections LLC today. We will be happy to accommodate you.

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