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Get the Information You Need Before Buying a New or Used RV

North Star RV Inspections LLC is a mobile RV inspection and maintenance service. We come to you! We offer a variety of services that will make the RV purchasing decision easier.

We conduct a comprehensive RV inspection of all the RV parts and mechanical components as well as its overall livability.

Whether you’re a newcomer to RVs or a long-time enthusiast, my RV inspection and maintenance service will ensure you get the most value out of your RV purchase.

RV Services We Provide

Premier RV Inspection

Essential Plus RV inspection

Life Safety/Season Startup RV Inspection

Post-Purchsase RV Inspection

Pre-Listing Seller's RV Inspection


Warranty Inspection

Insurance Inspection

RV Rental Inspection

Financing Inspection

Fluid Analysis

New Owner Walkthrough/Orientation

RV Driving Lessons

RV Maintenance and Some RV Repair

Pre-Purchase and Post-Purchase RV Buyer Inspection

Whether buying used or new, a pre-purchase RV inspection ensures you have a complete understanding of the condition of the RV you are buying before you sign on the dotted line.

A pre-purchase RV inspection protects buyers from dealers or private owners who would sell RVs with unknown operation and performance issues. Buyers get an unbiased assessment of the RV’s current condition that allows them to negotiate better prices.

If a dealer is not willing to allow a pre-purchase inspection, a post-purchase inspection may be done. Most new RVs come with a manufacturer's one-year warranty. A post-purchase RV inspection can be used to identify all issues after you take possession of the RV. You can use the inspection report to make sure the dealer completes all of the repairs needed that are covered under the warranty.

Please call 218-287-7925 or fill out Get A Quote form for pricing.

Pre-Sale RV Seller/Owner Inspection

Add sales value to your RV by providing customers with a detailed RV inspection report about the RV’s condition. Documents like these will give your customers the confidence to buy your RV without needing to worry about unseen issues. 

Set yourself apart and build trust by offering a completed inspection before the sale. An NRVIA certified inspection report will give them peace of mind.

My service gives RV sellers a punch list of issues and potential problem areas that they can address before listing their RV. Having your RV in the best condition can increase the sale value of the RV and give potential buyers the confidence to make a purchase.

Please call 218-287-7925 or fill out Get A Quote form for pricing.

New RV Owner Walkthrough/Orientation

Can’t remember everything they told you at the dealer lot? I will be happy to help! I will meet you at a local campground or your home to walk you through all you need to know about your RV from setup to how all the systems work.
$190 for 2 Hours minimum. $85/hr each additional hour.

Fluid Sampling

We can conduct fluid sampling on your RV’s engine oil, coolant, transmission oil, and other mechanical fluids. This will inform you not only of the RV’s fluid levels but also its engine and transmission condition without disassembly. Think of it as a "Blood Test" for the coolant system, transmission and engine. A fluid analysis is an add-on service for our mototrized RV inspections and towable RV inspections that have on-board generators.

Fluid Analysis price when done with inspection.
One Sample-$85

Discounts available with multiple samples.

Mobile RV Repair and Maintenance Services

I am also a NRVTA Registered RV Technician.

We are available to do maintenance and repair listed below.  I can conduct your yearly systems tune-up maintenance on your RV. Yearly RV service tune-ups keep all systems running as efficiently as possible and identify small problems before they can become large problems.

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RV Winterization- $130.00

  • Drain fresh water system.
  • Drain water heater.
  • Inspect anode rod (if present).
  • Winterize with RV anti-freeze. (up to 5 gallons)

RV De-Winterization 

  • Flush fresh water system.
  • Open slideouts and treat slideout seals.
  • Inspect roof.
  • LP leak test.
  • Check LP/CO and smoke detectors.
  • Check fire extinguisher.
  • Electrical system check.

RV Roof Maintenance and Resealing

  • Check roof seams and add sealant as needed.
  • Condition seals with UV protectant.

RV Electrical System Maintenance and Repair 

  • Check AC and DC electrical panels.
  • Custom made battery cables.
  • Check batteries.
  • Test converter and inverter.
  • Repair/replace interior lights and switches.
  • Check 12VDC chassis lights.
  • Test and repair any other electrical issue you have.

Water Heater Servicing and Cleaning 

  • Flush tank.
  • Clean burner assembly.
  • Clean burner tube.

RV Refrigerator 

  • Clean burner assembly.
  • Clean coils.
  • Check coil baffles.
  • Check electric heating element.

RV A/C Servicing and Cleaning 

  • Clean filter.
  • Clean roof top unit, coils and straighten bent fins.

LP System Leak Testing 

  • 5 minute propane leak test.

Mobile Maintenance/Repair Service Fees Unless Otherwise Noted Above:

$85.00 Per Hour

$.65 Per Mile One Way

Why You Should Add Fluid Analysis to your NRVIA Certified Inspection

Certified NRVIA inspectors have been inspecting new and used RVs for a few years now and we’ve learned a lot about fluid analysis and how it can provide a whole new level of diagnostics for RV engines, transmission, generators and hot water heating systems. Fluid analysis provides the buyer with important information that you just can’t get any other way.
Unlike other RV inspectors, we are trained to pull samples from these complex systems so that our affiliate laboratories, JG Lubricant Services, can assess what’s going on with the fluids and with the host components.

Our test reports provide accurate and repeatable data that enables the customer to “see for themselves”. The reports are easy to understand, they are color-coded to point out the more important findings and give the customer an overall assessment of “Severity” along with comments on what was found and what to do about it. The reports point out potential problems that show up in oil and coolant (anti-freeze) testing. Recommendations may include such things as the need to change oil or coolant or the need for more in-depth diagnostics by an engine or transmission repair facilities.

We provide motorized RV fluid analysis as well as tow vehicle fluid analysis.

Fluid analysis includes:

  • Radiator Coolant
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Engine Oil
  • Generator Oil
  • Generator Coolant
  • Aqua Hot

Fluid Analysis Pricing With Inspection

  • 1 Fluid Sample $85.00
  • 2 Fluid Samples $160.00
  • 3 Fluid Samples $235.00
  • 4 Fluid Samples $310.00
  • 5 Fluid Samples $385.00

Professional RV Inspection

It can be hard for buyers to find what to look out for when buying an RV. A NRVIA Certified RV Inspector can quickly identify those issues and tell you if the RV is road-worthy or fit for use as a home on wheels. Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about my services.

Calls Welcome Anytime!!

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