Sample RV Inspection Reports

We use Homegauge software with templates developed by the NRVIA to insure nothing is missed during the RV inspection process.  The name and location in the sample report have been changed for public viewing. 

The RV inspection reports are interactive.

Clicking on photo will enlarge the image.

Click on video image to play video.

360 degree photos allows you to view the RV as if you are there in person.

Click on photos below to view sample inspection reports for towable or motorized RV.

Create Easier Repair Lists with Create Request List™

HomeGauge's new Create Request List™ feature makes it easy for the buyer and sellers to create a Request List from the RV inspection report.

HomeGauge’s Create Request List will give you easy online access to every photo and video we take during your RV inspection. You will be able to create a list of necessary repairs with a few simple clicks!

Click video below to watch demo of how it works.

Play Video