RV Buyer Beware of Scams

RV Scams – Don’t be a Victim

Recently I have had several inquiries from customers who requested a quote for an inspection on an RV but they have limited information. Once they obtain more information, the RV listing seemed to disappear. I tried to find the RV listing and it simply wasn’t there. I asked for the VIN number and they did not have easy access to it.

Each time I could see that the price seemed astronomically inexpensive for the type of RV involved. The customers also noticed this but it seemed there was always a valid reason. In one case, the customer was told that the person selling the RV was getting a divorce and had no use for the RV so just wanted to sell it.  Another customer claimed the RV was in a storage building in Minneapolis. And yet another said they were selling the RV for an estate.

In one instance, the mystery seller suggested putting money into an escrow account first, and then they’d give out more details. Each time, I told the customer to tell the seller that you plan to get the RV inspected. The seller told them an RV inspection is not possible. I suggested they try to get more information, have the seller call me, get the VIN number, find out details. And each time the listed RV disappeared.

Each customer was very smart and informed. They suspected the RV advertised was a dishonest scheme and I was glad that I could help them avoid losing money.  Be sure you are also a smart and informed buyer. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is a fraud. We have all heard that statement before – if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true. Sadly people get persuaded to believe the scammer and lose money.

You can also get scammed by purchasing an RV without an inspection. At the bare minimum, let the seller know that you are going to have an RV inspection completed. If they have a problem with an RV inspection, then the RV listed may be a scam. Schedule your RV inspection today!  https://nstrvi.com/contact/