What does customer service mean to you?

The question “what does customer service mean to you?” sounds very simple but it can mean many different things and consist of many different expectations.

RV Inspector

At North Star RV Inspections, LLC, we strive to take care of the customer. If you are going to buy a new or used RV, you will surely want to have an RV inspection performed on the RV. We strive to provide outstanding customer service from your first contact with us all the way to the very end of the RV inspection process.

In the RV industry, people purchase RVs through a private owner or a dealership. Either way, an RV inspection is a must. 

What sets us apart from other RV inspectors? In addition to very strong RV knowledge and real-life experience working on our own RV, plus specialized training to inspect RVs, outstanding customer service is what sets us apart from the competition.

We asked several people to quickly answer the question “what does customer service mean to you?”. Here are some of the answers: 

“If the person working can’t help me, then I expect them to refer me to someone in their company that CAN help me or knows the answer.” This resonates with most people as no one likes to be turned away with the individual not caring enough to check into the inquiry or problem the customer brings to them.

“The person bagging the groceries actually gets to work and quickly bags my groceries”.

Everyone’s time is valuable and you start to feel disrespected when someone’s action or inaction seems to suggest that they simply do not care about their customer.

“Customer service is being made to feel like my business matters and I’m being heard when I am talking to a sales rep.” Being able to put yourself into the other person’s shoes is often critical in order to understand what is important to your customer. Listening to the customer is critical.

“Good Customer service is when a sales rep says I will text you my contact info and then actually follows through”. In the last six months, we have been at both a car dealership and an RV dealership and the sales rep didn’t have a business card, didn’t ask us anything about ourselves, and it was obvious they simply didn’t care to try to help us. In one instance the sales rep said he’d text us his contact information but then did not follow through.

Everyone’s time is valuable. Thinking about the customer, listening to the customer, preparing to get the job done – that is the start of great customer service.  Following through on what you say you will do for the customer is important. Once you obtain a customer, providing ongoing excellent customer service is a must. You will experience that when you hire North Star RV Inspections, LLC. We care about the customer. We want you to be able to take home an RV and feel confident you can safety take it on the road and start building memories as you travel in your RV.

At North Star RV Inspections, LLC, you will get outstanding customer service. We will spend ample time with you in order to walk you through what the RV inspection will cover. We will take our time and inspect the RV from top to bottom. We will answer questions before and after the RV inspection.

Call or text North Star RV Inspections at 218-287-7925, or you can go to our North Star RV Inspection’s website for more information. When you call, we will direct you to our website. The fastest and most efficient way to get started in regard to setting up an RV inspection is to fill out our Get A Quote form. The more information you can provide, the faster things can move along.

Outstanding customer service means we value YOU, the customer. We will provide an RV inspection in timely manner, we will listen to you, we will follow up and do what we say we will do. We will communicate with you as much or as little as you prefer. Helping the customer and valuing our customer is HUGE. We CARE, let us help you today. We are confident you will find our customer service the best in the RV Inspection industry.